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My lovely wife has agreed to buy me a touch art tablet for Christmas.
I have read a lot of reviews for a lot of tablets. But I just can't seem to decide which ones are the best.

I understand there may be an artist or two here on Deviant Art, so just what sort of tablets do YOU folks like and use? Which one should I buy? Hints, suggestions, help of any sort is desired. By the way, COST is not a huge consideration.
What I want is a tablet that you can draw directly upon. I have an old WACOM tablet that I use with my computer monitor but I want to draw on the screen itself.
Let the suggestion commence!
I recently learned that BACHELOR PAD( Magazine will be using my retro-style cartoon(From SEVEN years ago! Has it really been that long????)in an upcoming issue(next issue?)of the magazine! Please check out Bachelor Pad at the web link. It's a lot of fun and VERY well done(especially some of the cartoons).
Cartoon in need of a caption by MJBivouac
I am very pleased to be contributing to BP. I never received any really good caption suggestions for this cartoon. So Jason and I brain stormed and came up with one that we both liked. But you'll have to wait until "my" issue comes out to learn just what he and I came up with.
I need a female model for a job I am doing for a client.
I would like to be able to meet with the model and photograph her posing for figure drawings on a comic book type project. So she would have to be available in the Hollywood California area for the shoot. 

I just need reference poses for a comic book type project. This will be a very simple shoot. Not in a studio with tons of lights and a fancy camera. Just a digital 35mm style camera and a light or two. If the model has a room or space in which to work in, I can come to her.  Boy friends, girl friends, bodyguards are more than welcome to monitor the shoot. This is all on the level.   Nudity is not required, but a leotard or underwear/bikini would be desirable. None of these photos will ever be seen by anyone except myself, my client and the model. They will never be posted on the internet. There is pay, it won't be much, but in cash and actual price will have to be negotiated with my client. I will gladly provide digital copies off all photos taken. This is a ONE time deal, not the first step to a long career in modeling.

If you know the DC comics character Haley Quinn, she is the body type we seek, but a perfect body is not necessarily required. The poses will be of the character getting ready and dressing her self in her body suit/costume. She ties up her hair, dresses, puts on a full head mask, gloves, shoes etc.  so pantomime skills will be helpful. Some actual props may be provided on my end. While nudity is not required, some of the poses will be a bit suggestive, such as breast grasping/holding as a woman might do if she were wiggling into a tight leotard or body suit and pushing everything into place. But that is about it.
So if you meet the geographic and physical requirements, contact me
Be sure to let me know your financial requirements so I can pass that along to the client. 
I recall an erotic(porn?)comic strip that appeared in OUI magazine back in the 1970s. It was entitled "Dolly Bird" and was drawn and written(?)by someone named Ken Taylor.  Dolly was a globe hopping 1920s flapper sort. An independent British woman who came from money, and took on all sorts of jobs and adventures.  She encountered a Dr. Frankenstein type fellow in her origin adventure, who's MONSTER had eyes for Dolly. In another installment she tried to photograph the Loch Ness Monster and attracted the advances of an amorous Scotsman.

And as one might imagine, she ended having a lot of sex with a lot of different men. And often somewhat against Dolly's will.  At present, I do not know if there were other installments in other issues of OUI.  One small clue I did manage to locate on-line suggests that Taylor may be British. But it's just a guess really.

Now try as I might I cannot find out anything more about Ken Taylor or Dolly Bird on the internet.  I did manage to buy three old issues of OUI that contained installments of Dolly Bird.
Does anyone here on DA know anything about Ken Taylor? 
Got the bad news early this week the 8 year old Apple desktop is not worth repairing.
I've been without a personal desktop for over a month now. I can't scan, print, or digitally manipulate anything. Oh the pain!
Well I bit the bullet today and ordered a new desktop. A Dell because I just can't afford another Apple. So stepping back to a Windows machine. At least Dell has a good reputation.  The new box should be here early next week. It will be good to have it back and running. I just hope it will like all my peripherals...printer, scanner, etc.
oh well...

Well, the new DELL showed up the day after I ordered it! Was I ever surprised!   Set it up this morning and...well I'm writing this from the DELL right now. So far, so good. No complaints. It's good to have a desktop again.  And another good thing is that I bought it with Photoshop Elements 13. So I'm ready to do digital art stuff again.
Got the bad news early this week the 8 year old Apple desktop is not worth repairing.
I've been without a personal desktop for over a month now. I can't scan, print, or digitally manipulate anything. Oh the pain!
Well I bit the bullet today and ordered a new desktop. A Dell because I just can't afford another Apple. So stepping back to a Windows machine. At least Dell has a good reputation.  The new box should be here early next week. It will be good to have it back and running. I just hope it will like all my peripherals...printer, scanner, etc.
oh well...
Yes, sadly I had another happens pretty much every year now. I don't celebrate my birthday anymore. Just try to ignore it. I know everyone thinks it's nice to remind people that they are another year older, but it's not my thing. 
Today is my second painting class. 
I mostly learned last week all the things that I just take for granted when drawing or painting. Things like knowing when you should dip your brush into more paint, keeping a point on your brush, how much water to mix into your paint...things I am finding that most of my students simply do not yet comprehend.
i also had a literal last minute sign up. As I was unpacking my supplies at the activity center a woman asked if I was teaching the art class. I admitted that I was the culprit. She then told me her daughter would love to learn to paint. I asked her daughter's age...she was 9! Well I told her the cut off age was 18, as I did not want to deal with kids in a three hour class session. But the Mom was insistent and to make a long story short I now have a nine year old girl in my class. But she was very well behaved and maintained her interest for the entire class. I was pleasantly surprised. And for a kid, she did a pretty good job too.

so we do it again today.
I'm not sure yet if I am going to enjoy this experience or not. By nature I'm rather a selfish person. I want what I want when I want it. Part of the reason I don't have any little Bivouacs...a big part really.
When the 11 weeks are up, I don't know if I will want to do it again or not. It's certainly not for the money. 
Last week we did individual paintings from photos. But I was spread a bit thin. So today we do the Bob Ross thing...I paint and the students copy, badly, what I do. And we'll see how that works out.
Seven year old Mac started sporting the SBBOD yesterday afternoon. No warning. I tried to get on line and the screen was frozen on DA and the beach ball was spinning like Hell.
shut it down, re opened it. Still BB taunting me. Looked for on line support but my specific problem does not appear to be addressed. I get past the apple logo and screen is blank with the BB spinning away. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and call tech support. Probably cost me $100.00 now that my warrantee is long expired.
fortunately I have an iPad with which to write this journal.
if and one out there can offer free assistance I will be happy to listen.
I found out yesterday that I have JUST enough sign-ups for my painting class! It's a go. Man, am I nervous!
Class starts at 12:30 today. I will shortly be getting supplies together, loading the car, all that good stuff.

I even did a quick painting last night to get in the zone. It came out rather well so I hope that is a good sign.
The idea of the class is a "Follow Me" theme. I paint and the class copies what I do.  Yes, like Bob Ross and Bill Alexander used to do. Laugh if you like..."Happy Little Trees" 

Perhaps I to should affect some sort of trademark...Ross had his 'fro, and his I-am-so-stoned manner of speaking. Bill Alexander had his lovable Sgt. Shultz from "Hogan's Heros" accent. I always expected at any minute he would turn to the camera, throw up his arm and shout "Heil Hitler"...Sorry Bill. I know you weren't a Nazi....probably. 

So maybe I need a gimmick too. Perhaps a monocle? But I already wear reading glasses when I paint... A Long cigarette holder?, No, I don't smoke and couldn't smoke in the municipal studio setting anyway. I have it! I could wear a top hat and tail coat! But not the best outfit for painting...especially in the high desert in mid summer. An English accent?  "I say portion out a dollop of smashing Thalo blue onto your jolly good palette..." I probably couldn't sustain the accent for an entire class session, though. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this. I think I'll just be my good old lovable if I can just remember where I left my Good Old Lovable Self...I haven't seen him in ages. Under the circumstances, I may have to just go with the smart-ass, know it all, jerk self,  that has been serving me so well these many years.

It will be interesting to see how much my students currently know about painting...or should I say: how little they know. Of course the less they know probably the better. If they have taken other classes in the past they may hit me with things like: "Uh...excuse me, but why are you doing it like that? I took Mr. So and so's painting class and he always does it THIS way...".  And my response: "Well  I have some unfortunate news for you my informative fellow.....Mr. So-and-so just called, not five minutes ago,  and said he was very sorry indeed, but he simply will not be able to teach this class...he also said that you shut yer pie hole and do it like Mr. smart-ass, know it all, jerk, tells you! Now squirt out some Thalo blue onto your pie pan and show me just how much you stink at painting." 

Well, with that being said, I'm off to collect my supplies and prepare for battle!
A mediocre nude cartoon girl drawing gets more hits and comments than does a very well executed drawing from life. Maybe I shouldn't care and just draw some more T&A to get my ego stroked, but it's a little bit sad I guess. But no matter it's still good to have the opportunity to draw from life every week. I really enjoy it.
Not much of a journal entry I'm afraid.
I recently saw this great little documentary called "Stripped". It is about comic strips and especially about the current trend of on line comics. My wife was watching along with me and suddenly piped up and said:"You should do that." Oddly as I was sitting watching the film I was thinking almost the same thing.
I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now and even doing a little research on the subject. There is a lot of competition in the field. Some really well done stuff too. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I guess the question is...if I were to try and develop something, what sort of theme would it have? I think being a humorous strip would be a must. And possibly a little T&A would not hurt. Sex sells. But what kind of a setting? So many questions and so many possibilities.

So I started to think about what I enjoy...I like old science fiction and horror movies, superheros, mysteries, adventure, naked girls, robots, aliens and monsters. Hmmm, what could be made of that?

So with all that said, if anyone has any ideas that would like to share, I'm willing to listen.
Back from Tennessee....but I may be going back again!  Must meet with my employers and see what they wish to do. Still quite a few things to do back there. But it's busy season here at home and they may prefer I stay and perhaps go back in the fall. We shall see.
Posted a few photos of some of the work I did. Check them out.
Yes, back to Tennessee tomorrow morning! Probably for a couple more weeks of mural painting excitement! Packing up my brushes and paint cans as we speak.
Well my little week long trip to Tennessee turned into a month long trip! 
I was kept very busy painting murals and doing faux finish. I had a good time. Not many days off, but still I enjoyed it. For the most part the weather was very nice. Had a few rainy days but living in dry Southern California I actually enjoyed the different sorts of weather.

 On the downside, as the visit stretched out longer and longer I sadly had to cancel my spring watercolor class! I had eight whole students signed up! I hope they forgive me and sign up again in the fall.
In the summer I am scheduled to do a "Follow Me" acrylic painting class where I paint and my student copy what I do.  I'm the discount Bob Ross for the high desert. I've never done anything like that so I'm a bit nervous about it. I really do not like people watching me draw or of course I agreed to take on such a class. Go figure.

Anyway I will be posting some of my Tennessee mural work in my gallery shortly.
It never fails! I'm just about to start my Saturday watercolor class in April when,today, my Boss informs me I'm being sent to our Tennessee location to do some mural work for two April!
I had to contact my go-between with the city and give her the news. I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm hoping they can just start my class two or three weeks late and it won't be that big of a deal. But amazing how these things all hit at once.
Two pieces of my art got accepted into the the Carter Sexton monthly art show.…
Newly framed, I dropped them off at Carter Sexton on Friday afternoon. This month the theme is "Science Fiction".

The two pieces are:
Jupiter Two WIP Almost Done by MJBivouac
Flying Saucer design by MJBivouac

Both will be sold for BIG BUCKS, no doubt.
I am thinking of doing a few quick digital caricatures of people. No original art just digital commission. How much do you think the market would bare for this service?
Deceptively simple looking artwork. Subtle colors, just an amazing artist.
The amazing Shane Glines...…